20 Stories. One CAE.

On March 23rd, the American Helicopter Society (AHS) at Concordia University had the pleasure of visiting the Montreal headquarters of CAE Inc. The plant visit was organized with the objective of familiarizing twenty avid aerospace enthusiasts from Concordia University, to all aspects of production of CAE’s cutting-edge simulation technology: from conceptual design to the final product.

The visit began with an introduction of all the different departments within CAE that work in conjunction to design, build and service the simulators that the company is known for all over the world. The comprehensive presentation helped students understand the minute details that go into the functions of each team: from hardware & software design and the integration of all subsystems to post-deployment update services. Next, the visitors were given a guided tour of the plant and got to witness the plant floor in action.

Introduction to CAE

Over the course of the day, it became increasingly apparent that even though CAE Inc is a major stakeholder in the aerospace industry, it enjoys a certain level of agility and dynamism that only start-ups do. This factor allowed CAE to enter the Healthcare sector in 2009, a subsidiary that has grown to be one of the premier Healthcare simulation training provider. And continues to allow the company to venture into a plethora of other sectors such as Naval, Disaster Relief and Event Planning among others, and provide state-of-the-art simulation and training solutions. In addition, the new infrastructural projects, currently underway, promise to further unlock the creative and innovative potential of CAE’s employees and truly make the company a 21st century workplace. All this served to provide evidence for the exciting future that a career with CAE could prove to be.

Lastly, the students had the opportunity to meet and converse with professionals involved in the hardware & software design, test engineers, integration specialists and the updates team. This allowed for a more intimate transfer of information about the particular aspect of the company’s work that most intrigued an individual and served to provide a perfect culmination to a truly enriching experience.

Networking session with CAE employees


AHS-Concordia is grateful to CAE Inc for hosting us at their headquarters and making it such an enlightening event.

Concordia students and CAE professionals

AHS Concordia at CAE