What We Do

Research & Development

We at AHS - Concordia value research and believe its the way to the future. Therefore its one of the main objectives of our chapter to evolve and improve the vertical flight technology and benefit our society with it.


Competitions are the perfect way to get students involved with technologies and gain some hands-on experience. Our annual forum competition is one great example of how to grow our students into leaders and team workers.

Speaker Events

We believe it takes experience to give experience. With many different speakers from the field and industry of helicopters and aerospace, we can teach the students a whole new world of what it takes to become a brilliant aerospace enthusiast.

Our Mission

We always strive to empower students and allow them to gain hands-on experience. This goes to all aspects of the future workforce, starting from basic event planning all the way to designing and assembling drones for competitions. To know more about us please click here

AHS Team 2017